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Knees, Feet & The Parts We Don’t Speak Of

Release Date: 2011-11-01
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My Two Feet

I don’t know where to go
There’s nowhere to go
No one knows my name
Someone once told me
to hold on to what’s me
But I must be too slippery

Following a one-way street
my two feet carry me

Spotlight hits me I must hurry
Can’t let them see that I’m afraid
I can’t let them wait

Step by step by step
Though it’s dark and I can’t see ahead
I won’t let the shadows scare me
I’ll make the noises fear me
I’ll make the voices hear me instead
We’re all inside my head

I got no one to blame
I cannot complain
I volunteered to not like it here

Words and music by Ida Gard

On His Knees

I’ve been kissing every boy in town
Cuz I figured that’s one way to make the spring come around
I know that they just wanna kiss me cuz I’m pretty
That’s why I’ve been kissing every boy

I’ve been doing every guy in town
till he was inside out and not ashamed to cry
going down on his knees hoping he won’t have to say ”please
Put me in your mouth”

Are you gonna turn your back on me now
Cuz the pretty girl is suddenly not so pretty

Oh no don’t you dare
Believe me I’ve already been there
I’m no worse than everyone else here
But you probably don’t care

I’ve been killing every man in town
And they got what they deserved for letting me down
What I did wrong was not doing what I did
It was being what I am

I got lost every single time
But I swear that this pretty girl won’t cry

Words and music by Ida Gard

Nothing's Wrong Song

Whenever I try to explain what’s wrong with me
The doctors will meet me with eyebrows raised sceptically
They don’t believe me
All I need is a daily fix of catastrophe

They say there’s nothing wrong
I should keep on keeping on
Scare bad thoughts away
Or just ignore the things they say
That’s easier said than done
And if I’m the only one
To think there’s something wrong
Diagnose me ”Dramaholic”

I tried writing notes three times a day everyday
it doesn’t help
I practiced my ’yes’s and ’no’s and ’maybe later’s
it doesn’t help
I even have a high horse in my hallway
And I swear I fall off of it everyday

Words and music by Ida Gard

Sugar Mama

I’m not gonna be your sugar mama
If you won’t play your part
I’m not gonna feed you gold and glamour
If teasin’s all you’ve got
I’m saying it now to prevent the drama
Generosity’s not for free
But I’m not gonna be your sugar mama
If you know you’ll never love me

Benefit of the doubt
Got you this far
This is the end of the road
Get out of my car

Everybody loves you
Everybody’s in love with you
Everybody’s under the illusion that someday soon you’ll fly them to the moon
Everybody’s in love with you

I know you’re quite the charmer
You even smell like marzipan
But I’m not gonna be your sugar mama
If you won’t be my candy man

You say you want my friendship
All you want is my success
I say I want your loving
I just want to beat this loneliness


Words and music by Ida Gard


I was on a stool in high heels when I met this guy
He asked me if I needed help with my bag and my lovelife
I of course said ”Yes please, and while you’re at it could you hold my head up high?”
And he just said ”Alright”
Cuz he’s a real

Pleaser – he just loves to give he just loves it…

I brought him home to see my room and maybe clean it up
And when he was done he cooked me a meal and he gave me a back rub
We talked all night and he satisfied me and that’s what surprised me cuz usually one equals forty
But that is not the case with Mr.

I don’t ask for a lot
But there is one thing I want…

Words and music by Ida Gard

Daddy And I

Daddy and I
Danced with death all night
That made us feel so alive
Daddy and I

I was so happy that night
The moment I’d waited for had come
His wife had gone down to sleep tight
I knew it was now or never
Down went those walnut rumshots
Coffee to go cuz I’m out of shape
”Daddy is this how it’s done right?
Is this what they call the great escape?”

Daddy and I
Danced with death all night
I traded my gold for a lie
Daddy and I

Look what I found another bottle
For once we can talk
Daddy goes first then comes the daughter
But there’s been said enough

What doesn’t make you strong
Will kill you one day
If this is the way you’re gonna go on
I’d rather just walk away
Daddy you’ll get no strength from me

Words and music by Ida Gard

The Worst Of Me

I never met anyone but you
Who could taste like cigarettes and still taste good
There’s no need to try to hold your breath cuz I won’t let you

I never met anyone like you
You are perfect even when you smell like booze
But if you could see the flaws I have in me
Would you still be with me?

Cuz I haven’t had the time to clean my mess up
And I dare not let you in, I’m afraid
Cannot let you see the ugliness that hides inside of me
You’d agree

That you’d never met anyone like me
So filled up with rage and jealousy
I once believed that perfection could be achieved
But I don’t know anymore

That is why we fit together
That is why we stick together
That is why we are together


Words and music by Ida Gard

It's Windy

Why don’t you just crawl back to your private zone
And do what you gotta do
Just leave the rest of us alone
Cuz we’ve had more than enough of you
Please shut the door as you leave
Outside it’s windy

You come here each day to drown your dignity
Do what you gotta do, you gotta do it
Your burning throat wants company
But I’m not even talking to you
Make sure you shut the door as you leave
Outside it’s windy

I won’t come along
No, I’m fine alone
Without your touching me, talking to me, buying me drinks when I can have them for free

It seems like the harder I beat you the harder you hit
And you’ve used every move
For some reason you’re, you’re just loving it
But I’m standing here close to hating you
If you could just shut your eyes, your mouth, your jeans
Outside it’s windy

I’m trying to find out why you’d misread my ”no”
Do I really need to be rude and violent just to make you go
Rejection is what you’re looking for in order to find someone other than yourself to torture you
I suggest suicide
It’s windy tonight

Words and music by Ida Gard

You've Got Some Explaining To Do

Do you remember that night in your room
Where you had broken up and I was there to win you back
I did that twice I had it all planned
But there’s just one thing that I can’t understand

Why did you have to cheat your way away from me
Why didn’t you just say something
How could you let me think I had another shot at being good enough
If you knew you would be gone first thing in the morning
You’ve got some explaining to do

So I might have pushed you away, that’s what you say
But I sure didn’t push you into taking me back again
You didn’t have to do that, you could have hurt me in a lot of ways
Now what have you got to say?

You can break up with me all you want
But just don’t rub it in
I kinda got it the first time
Is all the pain you put me through the reason I’m still singing about you?

Why did you not pick up the phone when I needed to talk to you
Why did you not pick up the phone I needed to scream at you
Why did you not pick up the phone
You’ve got some explaining to do

Words and music by Ida Gard


She was sixteen when she met him
He was twentyone
He was the star of a local band
He didn’t ask for her to come dancing
Into his dreams on that August night
Paint her eyelashes and send him a smile
She was just having fun
And he was just twentyone

He showed her what he knew of love
He knew a lot but not enough
A tiny little thing that he forgot
A tiny little thing that meant a lot
Cuz when you’re sixteen and you’re in love
You’re in a movie

Weekends flew by so discretely
They met every friday night
Stealing glances through the crowd
Until one fine night when he asked her out
Into the dawning light
He showed her a playhouse in which they could hide
It had a bench and sand on the floor
He kissed her where no man had ever been before

And she didn’t notice that there was just one thing missing
cuz she was sixteen and so in love with him

Words and music by Ida Gard

Gone For Real

I’m not here to place the blame on either one of us
But I fear that you’re fading and if I wait it’s too late
I’m not proud to be disgusted by your self abuse
But who said that I didn’t inherit it

You, you were never there to defend yourself
You would rather stay home
Dead drunk and dead scared to face the truth
I am feeling sorry for you
For all that you’ve passed out on
All the time that you’ve spent not moving on
Now we’re both alone

I don’t know you and I don’t know if I ever will
Yet I’m sure that you gave all you could and more

I won’t sit crying no more
I have to fight this or move on
I’ve had it, I quit
I’ll let you go

I will cry and I will miss you when you’re gone for real

Words and music by Ida Gard


Face to face in the kitchen
The twilight is on and the chessmen are lined up
Every sound has gone to bed
I guess they were tired
There is cash on the table
The queens carry knives but the bishops won’t give up
Then he smirks at her and says
”Good luck”

Don’t think you’ll get away easily
There are moves in this game that you haven’t yet seen
Dirty tricks in the dark with no witnesses
Don’t laugh until you’re sure you’ve won
And don’t forget to have a screwed up image of fun
Black and white’s just a lie – everything’s  grey
Ain’t that right?

He’s a lawyer gone greedy
The love of his life is the money that she pays
Watch his knuckles turn white when she says

Words and music by Ida Gard