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Release Date: 2014-09-19
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I hear doors closing behind me
I smell the smoke from bridges I burned
I know shame will soon come and find me
And line up with all the lessons I’ve learned
I better prepare to pay the price
I bought my own one-way ticket out of Paradise
Should have known not to let loose
But I did we’re done we’re through
I hear ‘em closing

I knew it when I first met you
You were gonna take me all the way
I would never have to make my own mistakes again
But that was long before emotion kicked in
Long before a look would make me shy
I never was good at being one of the guys

Sheets turned to skin turned to secrets
Walls whispering we will keep ‘em
Lips turned to lies turned to leaving common sense behind
Days turned to nights turned to notions
Wasting our time on emotions
I turned my back on the facts for a while

I hear doors…

I really tried to forget it
tried to let my body understand
what we did was wrong and not supposed to happen
I don’t think anyone ever noticed a change
But then again it was written on my face
It took one drink and I was back in that place where

Sheets turned to skin…
I hear doors…

Hotels won’t tell anyone
But I will I will
Your wife your boss and your son
I will I will
‘Cause this is dangerous
It’s tearing us apart
but it’s still too magical too wonderful to qualify as a mistake
I mean really
You dug a beautiful grave and I’m the shovel you’re too scared to deal with

I hear doors…

Words and music by Ida Gard

Little Miss Vivian

I know a girl who’s just right for you
playing games is not really her style
When you’re with her you’ll know wrong from right
No means no yes means alright

Curly hair that softly frames her face
Cherry-colored lips for you to taste

Don’t need no Richard Gere
To rescue her
Just need a helping hand
From a man
Who’s prepared to understand
What she says when she goes
I just don’t know
Need a moment all alone

She’s been called all these names you know
Growing up she dealt with a whole lot
Always confused trying to do what she should
No meant yes yes meant why not

Curly hair…
Don’t need no Richard Gere…
Need a moment all alone and
While she makes up her mind
You’ll be right behind her saying  take your time

Little Miss Vivian tells you the truth
She lets you in on her secrets
When Little Miss Vivian kisses you
At first you will think it is weird and wet
But it’s still kind of good

Don’t need no Richard Gere…
Little Miss Vivian just needs a helping hand…

Words and music by Ida Gard


For the first time really I feel like
it all makes sense
these marks and spots on the inside
I’m connecting them
I am older than I thought I would be
When you met me

For the first time I can say things
I never could
And I don’t have to say a word
to feel understood
And I know you worry ’cause you’re older too

All of what we know we throw into the fire
All our broken dreams and reasons to run
All the words that hurt us all the bullshit they said
All of that never had anything to do with us

Two beginners with a mission and ambitions to be better
To happiness
To putting hearts back together again
We’re both beginners but I know we have it in us
this is ’til the end
Let’s put our hearts back together again

Why not let it go
I’m done being in control
We are way more beautiful than they ever knew

All of what we know we throw into the fire…
Two beginners…

We were never meant to be
Hurt and hide ourselves away
But we did and now we’re
The only ones who can change it

Two beginners…

Words and music by Ida Gard

In Case You Haven't Heard

You haven’t heard from me
’cause I really didn’t wanna call
I find it hard to see
how you could do anything for me at all
You keep repeating the same lines

Only yesterday
you told me a lie again
You said you would hear me play
at eight o’clock at The Bitter End you never came
I don’t wanna be

That dumb girl who trusts you
’cause you lie all the time
all the time

Bad excuses will drag you down
Haven’t you heard about karma sir
What you do comes back around
In case you haven’t heard

I’ve learned my lesson now
I’m never gonna be a fool for you
It’s a matter of when and how
I know what to say
I know what to do
I’m doing better than good

You suddenly come around
Acting like you never left
You say you love the sound
You OMG me
I’m not impressed
I’m done being that

Bad excuses…

Once upon a time in a small town by the sea
A sixteen-year-old would fantasize about being Avril Lavigne
Well that didn’t happen so instead she’s grown to be
The person answering the phone if you’re calling me

I’ll say hi
How’s everything are you still trying
To lie and steal and fake your cool
’cause that’s what you do
and you do it good

Bad excuses…

Words and music by Ida Gard

Need A Break

How am I ever gonna get back on track
I’ve been wasting away all of today flat on my back
Changed my name to Princess of Laziness

Yesterday it was the same I did nothing at all
Maybe tomorrow will change maybe not
If I have a life then I’m wasting it
I can’t control this it’s like my soul is
Running off to the candy store
and I don’t even care to fix it
I can’t control this my backbone is
Sitting on the kitchen counter
With a bag of chips and a Kit Kat saying
Ida, Ida, Ida, Ida
I need a, need a, need a, need a break
Ida, Ida, Ida, Ida
I need a, need a, need a, need a break

Oh my God blah-blah from my TV
It is showing me the bigger picture don’t look for me
I’ll be in my one-bedroom hideaway

I have been running around chasing this dream
I’ve been working my butt off trying to be a machine
Need a twenty-four hour coffee break

I can’t control this…
All that I want is a little more time just to get a little more work done
Maybe I’d be better off with a soul I could rely on
One that was quiet when I wanted peace one that would shut up when I didn’t wanna know
Wouldn’t that be better

All that I’m asking for is a little more backbone little less second guesses
Just to have one goal and go for it even though it seems hard to get
Oh come on why can’t we just get along get it done quit the whining
Wouldn’t that be better
I can’t control this…

Words and music by Ida Gard & Boe Larsen

Never Be Yours

It’s the sound of footsteps with no one to see
Those dancing feet they scare me
It is knowing you were here and now you’re gone
You tease me and it’s wrong

Whatever dreams I may have that you want
Whatever feelings I may have that you want
Whatever you think you might find in my head or behind my doors
It will never be yours…

When I catch you in the corner of my eye
You just run away why so shy
You hide in the floors in the walls in the air I breathe
You’re watching me always watching me

You think the life you take from me
Will somehow end your misery
You can try to steal it but you’ll always be wanting more
It will never be yours…

I dare you to face your fears
Let’s have a shoot-off right here
You can’t change what you can’t see
My fuel is your dead battery
These things that I live for
Will never never never never be yours

Words and music by Ida Gard & Boe Larsen

U Gonna Come?

You’re coming over tonight
So I took a shower and put on Angie Stone
I haven’t seen you in a while
And I can’t wait to kiss your lips or you know

Keep checking my phone ’cause I can’t wait to see you
You should be here anytime soon
8 turns 9 turns 9:30 not a sound from you
This is what you always do
don’t know why I keep forgiving you

You’re late
And I hate it
I waited
all night for you
you’re late again
and I hate it when
I spend my time
looking like a fool
I’m not gonna do anything dumb like texting you asking when are you gonna come
I’m not your wife
I’m perfectly fine on my own
But you waste my time even when I’m alone

I’m getting sleepy and bored
I watched three episodes of Sex and the City that I’ve already seen before
Not a sound from you
You could have just said that I shouldn’t wait up for you

Half past midnight you decide to call
You say you’re standing at the front door
You stumble up the stairs and smile when you see me
You look a bit tipsy
Well baby I’m a bit bitchy

You’re late…

Then you come up with an excuse like you always do
My nipples tell me to forget it and forgive you
It’s quite another vibe I get from my feet
They wanna kick your bony ass back out on the street

You’re late…

Words and music by Ida Gard

Hand Him A Gun

What were you thinking
did you think you’d ever save him
did you think your love could hold him up
you’re not enough

Pack your self-esteem
and get your hiney on the first train
listen when I tell you this ain’t love
you’re not enough

Leave before it’s too late to say you tried
he keeps his eyes shut and his hell inside
you gotta hand him a gun
and run…
what happened to all the dreams you shared
who cares it’s a nightmare
you gotta hand him a gun
and run…

It is over
you have given everything you had
Sacrificed yourself to win the war
it’s not enough

The last battle
battle will be his alone
he should have had it
had it a long time ago
It doesn’t matter
matter what you do
It doesn’t matter
matter it’s not about you

He needs you to push him to the edge
he has to make a choice by himself
you gotta hand him a gun
He’ll hit rock bottom and you’ll be gone
We’ll see if he makes the final call
We’ll settle this once and for all
Just hand him a gun
And run…

Words and music by Ida Gard


I have two friends one is blue and one is bright
They’re always fighting
I go forth and back I don’t choose sides
I have two hands to hold

I’ve split my life in two
What I love and what I love to do
I do everything I can
To be both a puppet and a hand

The left side of my brain is a punk rocker
couldn’t care less what people think
It takes more than reality to shock her
She’s louder than a fire truck
And harder than a solid rock
If only they would get along

I recall one time we went to Germany
I was the driver
Turned the car around ‘cause they would argue constantly
My hands still hold that wheel

I’ll split my life in two
What I love and what I love to do
But I won’t break my soul in half
Just to match what’s underneath my scalp

The left side of my brain…

Words and music by Ida Gard

Good Enough

I cut my hair the other day ’cause I felt like changing something
Took a razor blade and held it close to my ear
then I let it slide through the soft dark curls
I will never be her

The mirror told me to stop but my hands just wouldn’t listen
One by one the locks fell to the floor
And all along I had the fun of making bad things worse
I will never be her

It is never gonna be good enough…
I am never gonna be good enough…

Looking at a lifetime of ponytails
One-hundred-thousand tiny threads untied on the floor
‘Cause no one appreciates a well made French braid around here anymore

It is never gonna be good enough…
I am never gonna be good enough…

I cut my hair to make it clear that I make my own decisions
I cut it off to show that I’m not who she thinks
And here I stand looking at the me I always were
I will never be her

Words and music by Ida Gard & Boe Larsen

If I Were Crazy

If I were crazy like you maybe
I would have feathers on my sleeve for flying away
I wouldn’t care about what anybody said
Make me more crazy again

And if I were joyful like you easy
I would see smily faces everywhere I went
And my heart would let me smile back at them
Make me more joyful again

I used to aim at least six feet over the top
Used to love dressing up
But somewhere in my trying to get it right
I lost my good sense of wrong
And if I am wrong about that so be it
Wrong is alright if it’s me

You’re the most selfish pretentious annoying
Little miss look at me I’m all wild and free
Yeah you make me want to kill you literally
But it seems like you know more about living than I do
I guess I’ll be thankful to you

‘Cause I used to aim…

Words and music by Ida Gard