It doesn’t happen too often that a young musician refuses to sign a major label deal she’s offered. For the Dane Ida Gard, 22 years old then, this offer felt like buying into a lottery ticket, which had already won, as she just won a prestigious radio competition and kick-started into the music business. She decided to independently build her career step by step to make sure her success will last.
This is the result: I-Tunes charts Top 10 in the release week, regular airplay on Danish radio, a nomination for “best independent pop album worldwide” and numerous 5 star reviews as well as a feature of “Nothing’s Wrong Song” on the Danish version of “The X Factor”. And these are only some of the honours the singer and songwriter received for her debut album “Knees, Feet & The Parts We Don’t Speak Of”. Ida is a rising star in Denmark.

In 2014 she played a show at SPOT festival Aarhus, featuring songs, which were written by refugees from Bosnia, Syria, Palestine and the Iraq and their therapist, together with other Danish artists, and also supports folk rock legend Bob Dylan. She already toured Germany for a little preview-tour in 2013 and supported singer songwriter shooting star Gregor Meyle in spring 2014.
This September her second studio album “Doors” will be released.
Ida Gard: “I like to use the doors as a metaphor. When opening, doors show us new opportunities, when closing they’re blocking pathways. The making of ‘Doors’ was paved with several decisions and to stand with them no matter what. ‘Doors’ symbolizes finding my own way.”

After releasing “Knees, Feet & The Parts We Don’t Speak Of” and touring for 1.5 years, Ida’s way lead to New York. She stayed 3 months in the Big Apple to find new inspiration, write new songs and to open new doors. During these months she spent a lot of time with her beloved Gibson Les Paul guitar and a few mice in a little apartment in Brooklyn. She witnessed Hurricane Sandy, played some club shows, finished all songs for her second album, had several studio sessions with producer
Jamie Siegel and names one of the mice in her apartment after Hugh Jackman to make it less frightening. Full of new ideas and inspirations she returns to Denmark and records Doors independently again with support from Jamie Siegel and Boe Larsen who she also worked with on the debut.

Ida Gard’s songs tell stories of a young and independent woman, going her own way. She makes mistakes, stumbles, gets up again and walks trough the next door. Ida Gard represents superb songwriting paired with authentic, sarcastic and often slightly naughty stories performed with a sunny and ever-present personality. Those who like powerful artists such as Tori Amos, KT Tunstall and Alanis Morissette will love Ida Gard.

Foto: Sarah Hesselbo
Styling: Gull-Mai Friis